Welcome to BlackSuppliers.com

Suppliers are critical to the success of public and private sector organizations.  The BlackSuppliers.com website provides this online support for public and private sector sourcing team members to more efficiently and effectively include qualified firms to meet the desire outcomes.  It matters to deliver quality products and services in a prescribed time frame, which is why BlackSuppliers.com encourages listing firms to stay competitive by reducing their respective environmental footprint while securing new business.  The compilation of this database promotes listing companies to employ continuous improvement technologies and practices in their respective output of goods and services.  Competitively, the firms listed work hard to keep total costs down with reasonable profits, which make for many happy customers!

Thank you for maximizing your sourcing efforts.  The Southland Partnership Corporation is the managing organization of BlackSuppliers.com that values the importance of strategic sourcing to invest in major public/private operational requirements.  This enables our research team to source a number of diverse firms using a collaborative approach and best ‘viable’ practices.  Feel free to visit BlackSuppliers.com often and to share suppliers that you would like to have included in this ever expanding online directory.  In addition, you are encouraged to actively participate with your local business trade associations and chambers of commerce for sourcing solutions, including, but not limited to the organizations listed here.

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