I Can’t Market

Life is everything and by no means is running a business comparative to life. The goal of living is to do so with minimal to no restrictions imposed by other people or institutions. Freedom is the ability to choose and the ultimate creator provided human life with choice, as choice is the only thing that separates man from the animal kingdom.

To conduct business the idea of choice is the manner in growing a business. If a business person wants to offer its goods and services to a government or private organizations should never have a barrier to entry based on the color of his/her skin. Current practices limit marketing choice, particularly as this limiting practices is not spread equally over all entrepreneurs

The practices of supplier certification has lasted beyond its effectiveness, if it ever existed at all. Companies are placing cutting off lines of marketing through certification processes. First, certification is time consuming and secondly certification is an expense not burdened by white competitors.

White-owned business suppliers are excluded from business ownership certification and never have to endure this invasive practice. The benefits of certification are fabricated since if a buyer has the inclination to be bias, being placed in a certified database makes it easy for prejudice to choose is prejudice.

A reform of police tactics is all important! And it is time to retract certification and supplier verification over ethnicity. Certification is racist and professional parties on all sides who remain oblivious to certification as racist is not progressive toward a more perfect UNION.